Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment

Everything you want to Know about Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment

Keratin is a protein that helps in growth of hair and nails. A higher quantity of keratin will make your hair strong and healthy. Due to various reasons, the hair gets damaged and there is loss of keratin in the hair. In order to regain the original condition, women go through Keratin hair straightening treatment.

What is Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment?

straight hairA product enriched with keratin is applied on the hair of that person and after covering the whole part; hot flat iron is used to seal the hair in order to straighten it. About 90-120 minutes are required in order to dry the hair. It may take longer time depending on the length of hair. The success of this method depends on the skills of the stylist, quality of keratin product used and how the flat hot iron is used.

Products used in this Process:

Different Salons use different keratin products that include Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy by Coppola, the La-Brasiliana treatment, Global Keratin Complex, Brazilian Keratin Treatment, Brazilian hair straightening and the Brazilian Blowout.

Many of the product companies promise formaldehyde free keratin products but it is not necessary that the product is free from formaldehyde. It would be advisable for you to do some research before purchasing any keratin product.

Advantages of Using Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment:

There is numerous advantage of using keratin hair straightening treatment. Some are;

· The method will make your hair more healthy and strong. There will be original black shine in your hair which gets degraded due to various reasons.

· The treatment will reduce split ends in your hair. Thus shaping your hair much better and giving you more confidence.

· Hair straightening treatment will straighten your hair and will make it stronger and thus you won’t have to worry much with your long hairs.

· You can walk in hot summer, cold winter and rainy autumn without any damage on your hair.

Disadvantages of Using Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment:

· If the stylist is not an expert, your hair may suffer serious damages due to hot iron treatment.

· Most of the products contain formaldehyde which can cause damage to your hair.

· Hot iron may be dangerous for your hair.

· Not necessary that the result will be same as promised.

Points to Ponder Before and After Using the Product:

Do not wash your hair for 3-4 days in order to maximize the effect of the product. The solution takes time to work. Use the shampoo which is sodium-sulphate free. The result of the product will last for 2-3 months.


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