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Hair that speaks for itself

Hair – Can’t Live With It

Hair speaking for itself
Getting a shave and a haircut for two bits.

There are many physiological benefits to the hair on our body. It serves as a buffer, an early warning indicator, a receptor of sound, a conduit of liquid, but most often it is one of the first things people will notice about you. It sits atop your head, below your nose, above your lip, around your smile (if you’re a man). When not kept in check a follicle¬†or two might even protrude from your nose or from your ears. Hair, it’s presence and condition, is one of the few things about our body that is managed frequently by our own decisions. And so, for the sake of argument let us say that your hair speaks for itself.

There are traits we have inherited that affect our look. Is yours oily? Does it have a natural cowlick causing your hair to stick up or out in ways that are uneasy to manage? Do you require regular waxing and trimming due to genetic hairiness? We all have things about our bodies that lead us to feel insecure, and one thing we definitely want to make sure is that our follicles are all keeping themselves in line with our message.

Can’t Live Without It

Getting a good haircut is a cathartic experience. By definition any kind of haircut is cathartic but there is something to be said for getting your follicles trimmed in such a way as to beautify your face and draw attention to the features you most love and admire in yourself. Getting a haircut at the right time is important. In the spring, you want to make sure your hair does not keep your skin from getting the necessary vitamin
D. Who wants tan lines around their face? In conclusion, we all need to let our follicles free and let our faces express themselves with the proper framing and tinting. Let’s keep those smiles bright as we let it speak for itself.

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