15 Haircare Myths and Facts

Everybody has a most loved myth about hair mind – and we more often than not
never let reality hinder a decent legend! This article analyses the absolute
most broadly known – and the truth behind the myths.

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15 Haircare myths and facts

1. washing of hair causes male pattern baldness/dryness. 
FALSE: Frequency of washing doesn’t hurt hair. Wash it as regularly as you
prefer, in spite of the fact that the proposal is three times each week. The
correct cleanser for your hair write, and the surface will include dampness,
body and magnificence to your hair.

2. More cleanser = cleaner hair.
FALSE: Don’t squander your cleanser! A bit of shampoo, about the measure of a
quarter, is usually enough for long hair. Long hair may take somewhat more.

3. Conditioner enables repair to part closes. 
FALSE: No conditioner can “repair” harmed the fingernail skin
and improve hair appear in condition. A decent conditioner can likewise keep
harm from happening in any case.

4. Blow-drying produces male pattern baldness. 

FALSE: Blow-drying can harm, consume or dry hair, which can make it fall, yet
the hair will become back instantly. This isn’t perpetual male pattern
dry hair

5. Laying down scalp organism. 

FALSE: Scalp or contagious ailments can’t be gotten from laying down
diseases require the earlier contribution from contaminated sources, for
example, people, polluted hair mind devices or creatures. Scalp parasite (tinea
capitis) primarily influences youngsters, whose insusceptible frameworks make
them more powerless to skin diseases.

6. To get your hair to develop, brush 100 strokes every day. 

FALSE: Brushing that much can harm the hair fingernail skin. NOT suggested! In
reality, your hair responds preferably to a look around a brush. Brushing it
will just prompt split closures and hair breakage.

7. Sharing brushes and brushes can spread scalp maladies. 

TRUE: Lice and different parasites can be transported brushes, brushes and
other hair mind devices.

8. Trimming hair influences it to become speedier and thicker.

FALSE: This regular misinterpretation originates from the fact that hair is
thicker at the base than it is at the tip, so shorter hair seems more
impenetrable at first. Trimming your hair does not influence its ordinary
organically decided development rate or general surface. Thin, limp or
beautiful hair won’t ever become thicker in light of a hairstyle. Full up your
hair by utilising volume improving hair mind items, exploring different avenues
regarding a hair swelling obtuse trim or getting a texturising perm or shading

9. Shading treatment causes balding. 

FALSE: Most hair shading items contain chemicals that can do genuine mischief
to the hair itself if not legitimately utilized, but rather it won’t incite
male pattern baldness.

10. Salon items are indistinguishable to drugstore items. 

FALSE: Although there are special cases, salon items by and large costly
fixings that are intended to reliably give more concentrated purifying,
saturating and moulding comes about. The quality fixings found in salon items
are not typically found in drugstore brands. If all else fails – read the marks.




11. Long sun introduction favours balding. 

FALSE: Your hair goes about the sun. Male pattern baldness shows up , and
so the sun would need to enter at this profundity to do any harm.

12. Eating routine is identified with male pattern baldness. 

TRUE: it’s essential to eat right keeping in mind the end goal to be for the
most part sound. Be that as it may, no individual nourishment has been turned
out to be useful or unfavourable to hair.

13. Stress causes male pattern baldness. 

TRUE: Severe pressure (e.g. surgery or demise in the family), can close down
hair creation, causing brief hair loss (alopecia areata). The scalp typically
recovers, however, and hair becomes back

14. Wearing tight interlaces, pigtails sparseness. 

TRUE: Traction alopecia is a certain balding condition that is very basic among
more seasoned African American ladies. It comes about because of wearing tight
pigtails, cornrows broadened time frame. After some time, hair breakage or
misfortune as the aftereffect of fast focused on styles can end up plainly
lasting. Stay away from this potential issue by selecting looser techniques
that limit scalp pressure.

african american ladies

15. Smoking causes silver hair. 

more prone to have silver hair than non-smokers. Surprisingly more
dreadful, smoking has been definitively connected to quickened male pattern


Heard another myth about hair? Do your examination – ask a specialist! This
does exclude your grandmother, closest companion or neighbourhood barmaid.
Rather, converse with an accomplished beautician or a trichologist.
Continuously get the indisputable facts previously you follow up on any hair
myths – you owe it to your hair.

Taking Care of Your Hair and Body

A Few Important Things to Consider While Taking Care of Your hair and body

skincare-2357980_1920The most primary thing about the effectual skin and hair care regime is performing proper cleansing of both, which is of paramount importance. Hair can be cleaned with a mild shampoo which is particularly made for every individual hair type and in the process of cleansing skin; a gentle milk cleanser and a toner suitable for a particular skin type must be used. In both, the cases, over washing should be avoided, as, after excessive and repetitive washing, the result can turn skin and hair to become dry, dull and lifeless. For best results, you need to obtain products that are organic and better still that have been approved by a third party. This will ensure that you are not being exposed to any chemical or animal based products.

Another very important thing that must be done while taking effective care of skin as well hair is, appropriate hydration. The skin needs a moisturizer on a daily basis and it becomes more important for the people who have dry skin. But the type of moisturizer to be used completely depends upon the specific type of skin and texture you have.

model-429733_1920Whether it is dry, oily, acne prone, or combination, a perfect moisturizer is available for every particular skin type. Once you start to realize that you are having rashes or any other skin problems contact your female plastic surgeon. And when comes to hydration for your hair, a proper conditioner should be used on the frequent basis so that your hair gets moisturized perfectly. There are several types of conditioners designed for each type of hair texture, but dry hair needs special treatment that includes deep conditioning once or twice a week. The next and utmost important tip in the process of taking care of skin and hair treatment is protecting you these valuable assets from extreme weather conditions such as harmful UV rays from the sunlight. Exposures to sunlight for prolong term can result in premature aging of hair as well as skin too.

As a result, hair becomes dry and brittle, and skin gets damaged and weathered. And sometimes, long-term exposure can also result in the increased probability of skin cancer. So, as a vital skin and hair care tip, always cover your exposed area with a sun block cream or lotion, even in winters too. People who have fairer skin should protect their skin by covering it with hats especially in the months of summer season. So, as a continual care regime, skin and hair care should be done properly to enjoy both healthy skin and hair that can contribute well to your radiant and dynamic appearance.

For people their hair is one of the most important parts of their body. They always want to keep it at its best, and you know for a fact that if every woman is given a chance to get their hair done, no one will be rejecting the offer. It is also said that the hair is a symbol of good health, which is why taking care of your hair becomes more complicated and technical. People of the olden days are using important oils to preserve their hair as healthy and stunning as possible; people nowadays are also using different techniques and items just to maintain their hair healthy.

Hair rebounding is the procedure of straightening wavy or curly hair while keeping it sleek and vibrant. This method needs a chemical that contains relaxant and softener that will bust the bond of your hair. After breaking the bond, your hair will be rebounded again with the help of a neutralizer to achieve straighter hair. The time required for this procedure may vary depending on the sort and consistency of your hair. Ever desired longer hair but you can’t because it keeps on breaking? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore because there’s already a procedure known as the hair extension. This is regarded as the most effective, quickest, and the soundest way to add body and color to your hair. You don’t need to utilize harmful chemicals on your hair, which is why it’s said to be the safest process for extending your hair.

Hair coloring is another method being used by a lot of people who wanted to change the color of their hair. This process uses the dye that results in the permanent or temporary change of hair color. This process is associated with a lot of skin irritations.

Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment

Everything you want to Know about Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment

Keratin is a protein that helps in growth of hair and nails. A higher quantity of keratin will make your hair strong and healthy. Due to various reasons, the hair gets damaged and there is loss of keratin in the hair. In order to regain the original condition, women go through Keratin hair straightening treatment.

What is Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment?

straight hairA product enriched with keratin is applied on the hair of that person and after covering the whole part; hot flat iron is used to seal the hair in order to straighten it. About 90-120 minutes are required in order to dry the hair. It may take longer time depending on the length of hair. The success of this method depends on the skills of the stylist, quality of keratin product used and how the flat hot iron is used.

Products used in this Process:

Different Salons use different keratin products that include Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy by Coppola, the La-Brasiliana treatment, Global Keratin Complex, Brazilian Keratin Treatment, Brazilian hair straightening and the Brazilian Blowout.

Many of the product companies promise formaldehyde free keratin products but it is not necessary that the product is free from formaldehyde. It would be advisable for you to do some research before purchasing any keratin product.

Advantages of Using Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment:

There is numerous advantage of using keratin hair straightening treatment. Some are;

· The method will make your hair more healthy and strong. There will be original black shine in your hair which gets degraded due to various reasons.

· The treatment will reduce split ends in your hair. Thus shaping your hair much better and giving you more confidence.

· Hair straightening treatment will straighten your hair and will make it stronger and thus you won’t have to worry much with your long hairs.

· You can walk in hot summer, cold winter and rainy autumn without any damage on your hair.

Disadvantages of Using Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment:

· If the stylist is not an expert, your hair may suffer serious damages due to hot iron treatment.

· Most of the products contain formaldehyde which can cause damage to your hair.

· Hot iron may be dangerous for your hair.

· Not necessary that the result will be same as promised.

Points to Ponder Before and After Using the Product:

Do not wash your hair for 3-4 days in order to maximize the effect of the product. The solution takes time to work. Use the shampoo which is sodium-sulphate free. The result of the product will last for 2-3 months.


Healthy Haircare Tips for Today’s Women

It may be that you cannot find a good hairdresser in your locality who meets your needs. In that event you will be better off without a hairdresser. The unfortunate fact is that, as most beauty shops are set up today, they need to give permanents, to sell cosmetics and to sell extras in order to stay in business. Healthy hair care need not include these extras.

shampooThe owners will therefore recommend permanents to customers who don’t really need them because the margin of profit is so much greater in proportion to the amount of time expended than the profit on cutting or styling a curly hair. If you are primarily interested in having a hairdo that follows the natural tendencies of your hair, one that calls for skillful cutting, don’t go to a shop where permanents are the main stock in trade.

In short, you should be sure to consider well before entrusting your head to an incompetent hairdresser or one you have any doubts about. If he does something wrong the results may take months to rectify. If he cuts a strand of hair where he shouldn’t, it may take a long time to grow out, since hair grows only six inches a year.

A bad dye job can be a source of annoyance to you for an indefinite period. As your hair is a part of you, it cannot be changed as readily as a hat or dress. You have to wait for nature’s cooperation to correct the mistake of an unskilled hairdresser.


If you do your own hair regularly or between visits to the hairdresser, be businesslike about your supplies and equipment. Healthy hair care requires that before you shampoo your hair, for example, you have on hand a plentiful amount of each product you use, whether it is a shampoo brush, cream or liquid shampoo, setting lotion, rinses, lacquer, beer or hair groom.

If you cut your own hair or even snip at your bangs occasionally, see that you use good scissors and that they are sharp. Keep your brush and comb immaculately clean at all times and never let anyone else use them. These are very important points.

Whatever you use in pin-curling-hairpins for your curly hair, bobby pins, metal or plastic clips-be sure they are free from rust and from rough edges that might damage your hair.

There are several methods of setting bangs and pageboys. They can be rolled over cotton, facial tissues or wire hair rolls. You might try each of these systems to see which is most satisfactory for you.

In using a home permanent kit, a dye or any other manufactured product, proceed according to the instructions on the package. In short, whatever materials or equipment you may use in caring for your hair, try to approach the job in a professional spirit. The important thing about hair is what it can be made to do in enhancing your appearance and drawing attention away from defects. Lovely hair is itself one of woman’s greatest assets. You may not be able, for reasons of time, distance or expense, to use the services of a good hairdresser.

Even those who go to beauty parlors occasionally or regularly, if they understand the basic elements involved in healthy hair care, can work with their hairdressers more intelligently. We have our hair with us from the cradle to the grave. I hope that you understand your hair so that in dealing with it, as you must every day, you can in truth make it “a thing of beauty and a joy forever.”…

Curly Hair

Tips for Beautiful Tresses

There are as several types of hair as there are people on the planet. For those people with curly hair, however, caring for our hair can occasionally be quite challenging. There are a million hair products that promise the moon to those of us who are blessed – or cursed – with curly hair, however all too often they don’t deliver. Below, then, are five tips to transform struggling hairs into comely coifs.

1. Moisturize: The crucial to keeping curly hair healthy as well as manageable is wetness – as well as great deals of it. When shampooing, make sure that you utilize a moisturizing shampoo. It will include much-needed hydration to normally curly hair, Afro-American hair, or curly kids hair. Next, make use of a deep conditioner that will certainly rebuild damaged hair, as well as adhere to with a leave in conditioner as well as designing cream. The appropriate mix of moisturizing items subjugates kinky hair and also kinky hair, as well as makes hair soft to the touch.

2. Shampooing: Among the biggest mistakes people with curly hair make is shampooing frequently. This is especially true for white mommies who typically aren’t accustomed to taking care of Afro-American or biracial hair. Ethnic hair treatment is as much a fine art as a scientific research, yet the general rule is to shampoo about as soon as a week. To maintain hair fresh in between hair shampoos, rinse it with cozy water as well as apply a leave-in conditioner.

3. Styling Products: If you have frizzy hair or kinky hair, opportunities are that you’re making use of styling items that are drying out. The majority of mousses, hair sprays, and gels strip away moisture, which is necessary to keeping workable tresses as well as maintaining hair healthy and balanced. If your curly hair is also wild, tame it with creams as well as styling items that contain excellent quality components and also all-natural oils.

4. Hair Clothes dryers: Stay away from blow dryers unless you desire your naturally curly hair to become frizzy hair or kinky hair. Blow dryers can damage your hair and strip it of its all-natural oils as well as the oils you apply through the conditioning process. To maintain your organic curls gorgeous, constantly allow your hair to air completely dry.

5. Combing and also Brushing: Tangles and also swirls appear to go together. To bring out the best in your swirls, a wide tooth comb or choice is an essential. If you’re collaborating with curly youngsters hair, different it into areas. One section each time, start at the end of the hair shaft as well as work your means up. When you have actually completed a section, safeguard it a protected elastic hair band (not an elastic band!), and then proceed to the next section. Bear in mind that curly hair – particularly Afro-American hair – is extremely delicate, so take additional care when combing it. Prevent brushes, unless you make use of special detangling comb-brushes.

curly hairNaturally curly hair is beautiful, as well as the fad in hairdos is to allow your all-natural curls beam through. Simply remember that curly hair is as specific as its owner, which the hair items you utilize can suggest the distinction between lavish swirls and also kinky hair or frizzy hair. Once you find the hair items that are best for you, love as well as embrace your organic tresses.…

That is the question

Hair that speaks for itself

Hair – Can’t Live With It

Hair speaking for itself
Getting a shave and a haircut for two bits.

There are many physiological benefits to the hair on our body. It serves as a buffer, an early warning indicator, a receptor of sound, a conduit of liquid, but most often it is one of the first things people will notice about you. It sits atop your head, below your nose, above your lip, around your smile (if you’re a man). When not kept in check a follicle or two might even protrude from your nose or from your ears. Hair, it’s presence and condition, is one of the few things about our body that is managed frequently by our own decisions. And so, for the sake of argument let us say that your hair speaks for itself.

There are traits we have inherited that affect our look. Is yours oily? Does it have a natural cowlick causing your hair to stick up or out in ways that are uneasy to manage? Do you require regular waxing and trimming due to genetic hairiness? We all have things about our bodies that lead us to feel insecure, and one thing we definitely want to make sure is that our follicles are all keeping themselves in line with our message.

Can’t Live Without It

Getting a good haircut is a cathartic experience. By definition any kind of haircut is cathartic but there is something to be said for getting your follicles trimmed in such a way as to beautify your face and draw attention to the features you most love and admire in yourself. Getting a haircut at the right time is important. In the spring, you want to make sure your hair does not keep your skin from getting the necessary vitamin
D. Who wants tan lines around their face? In conclusion, we all need to let our follicles free and let our faces express themselves with the proper framing and tinting. Let’s keep those smiles bright as we let it speak for itself.


Hello Hair

Writing about hair since 2016, we know absolutely nothing and share absolutely everything. If you’re interested in reading about random hairbrained thoughts then this is the place for you a blog about hair that speaks for itself. We might have bummed this site off of someone else and yes we may shamelessly promote things that have nothing to do with hair but we do it with confidence and your hair should always convey that. Hope you have a great hair day and that nothing will rain on your parade. Watch out for frizz and always keep a comb in your back pocket. That’s all I have to say for now as I introduce Ipsa for Hair.…